The Prologue
Freedom was created with the vision of 'freedom' being true in all aspects. In our modern world, freedom is a distant concept. However, through web3, Crypto, and NFTs, freedom can become a reality. Whether it's external or internal freedom, our goal is to shed light on the freedom we believe in.
At Freedom, we create with the purpose of advancing web3 with a community that believes in our vision. We will build experiences that are different from anything seen thus far in the space and will continue to innovate with our community at the forefront.
Our Worlds
Freedom is a 'world'—a realm of pure freedom. By definition, freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. However, it isn't a place for the weak-minded. Embracing freedom entails navigating through the realms of good, bad, and everything in between. A world with no rules can be both blissful and chaotic, and its transformation can only be initiated by a select few.
The 'Players' of freedom do not all originate from this land. Instead, Freedom is an amalgamation of thousands of worlds colliding and 'breaking free' into our own Freedom World
We, the team of Freedom, firmly believe in the future of Crypto, Web3, and NFTs, and we see mass adoption as an inevitable outcome.
To us, Freedom is not merely an 'NFT project' or a 'PFP project.' We envision Freedom as a crucial stride in the Web3 narrative. By incorporating the technological advancements of Web3, we will expand our franchise through strategic methods, aiming to eventually dominate both web2 and web3 spaces.
Human / Race
Player / Class
Aria, a devoted gamer with a wanderlust spirit, seeks freedom and craves her own unique adventure.
Human / Race
Samurai / Class
Fred, a carefree samurai, lives life on his own terms, indulging in the pleasures of eating, drinking, and seeking good times.
Elf / Race
Hunter / Class
Cleo, a compassionate elf with unwavering empathy, stands by your side. Cross her at your own risk - Native to the land of freedom.
Cyborg / Race
Sentinel / Class
Luther, a true rebel, defies conventions and forges his own path with a unique set of rules. Hailing from a technologically advanced society, his perspective sets him apart. - Unknown origins
Oni / Race
Empress / Class
Jean, a cold-hearted embodiment of chaos, has few friends, but those who can claim that status are incredibly fortunate.
Human / Race
Puppet / Class
Shrouded in mystery, his true origins and nature known to only a select few. As a "Puppet," he possesses enigmatic abilities. But the question stands what is his goals? And who is wallace?
Jiyubi / Race
Flying / Class
They are the ultimate companion for your adventure, excelling as a skilled scout who will guide you towards the genuine path of freedom.
Jiyubi / Race
Power / Class
Companion to the majestic djinns, brings boundless goofiness and a sprinkle of enchantment & fun to their adventures.
Jiyubi / Race
Speed / Class
With oversized ears and a penchant for speed, Mimiru darts through realms as a charming companion to anyone.
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3Smart contract
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2Game development
3Revenue development
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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to Freedom. These Terms & Conditions govern your use of our website and the purchase of NFTs from our collection. By accessing our website, you agree to comply with these terms.

2. Ownership and Rights

Upon purchase, the ownership of the NFTs is transferred to the buyer. Buyers have complete ownership rights and can utilize the NFTs at their discretion.

3. Purchasing Terms

NFT purchases will occur through a sale format, specifically in ETH. Other sales (e.g., clothing) may be conducted in USD. Purchasers are responsible for covering gas fees, and no refunds will be processed for NFT purchases.

4. License and Usage

Buyers are granted the liberty to use the NFTs for personal or commercial purposes. However, exact reproductions of the NFTs are prohibited. Creation of derivative works, including fanart, is allowed.

5. Legal Disclaimers

We are not liable for damages or issues arising from NFT use or website access. There are no warranties or guarantees regarding NFT functionality, performance, or price fluctuations, which are at the discretion of the owner.

6. Privacy Policy

You acknowledge that Freedom may collect personal data, including identification details and cryptocurrency wallet information, and share it with third-party service providers to meet operational needs and comply with laws. We do not sell personal information and employ safeguards to protect collected data, yet we cannot guarantee absolute security. You understand the inherent risks in transmitting data via our website and acknowledge that Freedom is not liable for security breaches or related damages. Updates to this policy will be posted.

7. Prohibited Activities

Fraudulent activities and unauthorized use of content are strictly prohibited. Users must be over the age of 18 to engage with our website and purchase NFTs.

To us, Freedom is not merely an 'NFT project' or a 'PFP project.' We envision Freedom as a crucial stride in the Web3 narrative.